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CRM is a comprehensive approach that provides seamless integration of people, process and technology and every area of business that touches the customer. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that aims to understand, anticipate and manage the needs of an organization's current and potential customers.
At Infoton's Solution it is a journey of strategic process, organizational and technical change whereby a company seeks to better manage its own enterprise around customer behaviors. It entails acquiring and deploying knowledge about one's customers and using this information across the various touch points to balance revenue and profits with maximum customer satisfaction.

We believe that to be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge

What we ask
  • What do you know about your existing and potential customers?
  • Can you measure customer loyalty, satisfaction and goodwill toward the organization?
  • Does the customer information get into a centralized corporate customer database?
  • Is the customer profiled and do you execute a strategy based on the profile?
  • Is information about each customer accessible throughout the organization?
  • Do you know the dollar value of loyalty and the financial impact of satisfying customers?

What we study
The basic challenge facing an enterprise is how to allocate its resources wisely. Resource allocation takes two forms: operating expenses and investments. Operating expenses are outlays for day-to-day business activities like marketing, sales and customer service. These activities are most often evaluated using effectiveness and efficiency metrics. Effectiveness metrics identify how well the process is performed, and efficiency metrics identify how well the process consumes enterprise resources (people, time or money). Evaluating an investment requires quantifying the value the enterprise receives for making that investment, its ROI. Traditionally, most marketing resource allocation decisions have focused on operating expenses—advertising, research, merchandising, etc. CRM, however, can be capital intensive, requiring the building of databases, the purchasing of CRM software, etc. The successful CRM practitioner must learn to "speak the language of business" and use ROI analysis to get the funding they need to execute CRM initiatives.

What we identify
Knowledge is of two kinds:
You know a subject yourselves, or you know, where you can find information on it.

In today’s economy customer data could be a business’s most valuable competitive asset. While competitors, partners and suppliers might have part of a given company’s customer information, the entire views of a company customer relationships is one of few assets uniquely its own. More than just buyer data, customer data describes the entire business network, continuously refining the business view of partners, suppliers, supply and distribution chain members, subsidiaries and consumer and business clients. The value of customer data lies in three unique qualities. Together, these qualities make data a potentially powerful force for defining and directing profitable business at both strategic and tactical levels:
  • Unique composition based on history and relationship with a particular business.
  • Reliability as first-hand customer intelligence.
  • Ability to provide insightful and timely feedback about business actions.

What we innovate
The concept of massive customization based on customer profile information means that not only is it possible to customize multimedia or text based email messages, but websites can be customized based on what we know about and individual customer. An example would be if we knew that Spanish was the language preference of one customer and French was the preference of another. A company could change the language and other cultural aspects of the website to customize it based on profile data we have regarding an individual customer. Every indication is that current Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions and features will be built into or blend into Internet applications, web sites and self-service tools. This is the basis for building loyalty. In the virtual or real environment, customers respond in the same way and their loyalty is captured by intelligent dealing and meaningful communication based on what they know about the seller and what the seller knows about them.

What we formulate
  • Measuring both inputs across all functions of an organization and outputs in terms of customer revenue, profit and value.
  • Acquiring and continuously updating knowledge about customer needs, motivation and behavior over the lifetime of the relationship.
  • Applying customer knowledge to continuously improve performance through a process of learning from successes and failures.
  • Integrating the activities of all business areas to achieve a common objective.
  • To implement appropriate systems to support customer knowledge acquisition, sharing and the evaluation of overall CRM effectiveness.
  • Constantly monitoring the balance between organizational inputs and outputs against the continuously changing customer needs to maximize profits.

What we implement
Tools and software applications that fall under the Customer Relationship Management umbrella are specialized applications of client/server and web based solutions:
  • Sales force Automation (SFA)
  • Customer Management Systems
  • Help Desk Management Systems
  • Field Service Management Systems
  • Testing

Customers communicate via the channel they prefer and companies now can communicate with their customers via channels that the customers prefer. Across the globe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are becoming web based and being implemented using a combination of Intranet, Extranet and Internet. This simplifies the transportation of information, which is the lifeblood of knowledge intensive applications. Advanced web based applications will have increased functionality and serve to reduce cost.

What we deliver
Infoton's Solution delivers what is promised by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies is that increased knowledge about your customers allows you to customize, tailor and target services to them. This increases efficiency, quality and satisfaction and thus engenders loyally based on an enriched customer experience.

What you evaluate
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention rates.
  • Greater share of customer wallet and lifetime value.
  • A well-organized and professional sales force.
  • Automated marketing & other functions that result in event based actions.
  • A touch of personalized service & interactions
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